Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine

Diagnosing and treating sports injuries in Southern Maine since 1985.

Sports medicine continues to be an integral part of our practice. In fact, we have an on-site sports medicine physician as the anchor at each of our four OA locations.

The Sports Medicine Center physicians specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Whether you play for recreation or competition, individually or as part of a team, amateur or professional, we can help you get back to your highest ability level.

Prompt evaluation and treatment

The faster you are evaluated and can start treatment, the quicker you’ll get back to your game. This approach is supported by our advanced diagnostics, including MRI, EMG, and ultrasound. Plus, each of our four OA locations has an X-ray suite, splinting/casting professionals, a PT area, and a team of certified physical therapists. This integration assists our board-certified, nationally recognized sports medicine physicians and their staff in diagnosing sports injuries promptly and implementing appropriate nonsurgical treatment or surgery.

Physical therapy is critical to fast and full recovery

As primary treatment or follow-up to surgery, you’ll be partnered with a physical therapist to develop a regimen that fits with your sports and your goals. Your PT partner will work with you to help you recover and plan your return to full activity.

Part of the sports community

OA’s sports medicine doctors provide on-field clinical support to area high schools, colleges, and professional athletic teams. They also serve as team sports medicine physicians for the US Soccer Team. Some of the local colleges supported by OA Sports Medicine Center physicians and therapists include Bowdoin College, the University of Southern Maine, and the University of New England.

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