Joint Replacement

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Joint Replacement

When it's time to replace a knee, hip, or shoulder joint, you want a specialist who has performed successful procedures time and time again.

You need a joint replacement surgeon who knows your condition and is experienced in the latest treatment techniques and innovations. That’s what you’ll find at OA’s Joint Replacement Center.

Up and walking within hours of surgery

Because of the experience of our joint replacement team, and advances in techniques and materials, joint replacement surgery has better outcomes than ever before — most notably when it’s performed by experienced specialists like the surgeons at OA. Patients typically are up moving, without significant pain, within hours of surgery, which we have found puts you on a fast path to recovery.

From initial visit through recovery

Patients with joint problems benefit from OA’s integrated services. With our MRI Center and other advanced diagnostics — along with X-ray suites at all four OA facilities — diagnosis can be timely and accurate. We also have splinting and casting professionals at all locations, along with certified physical therapists. OA is committed to providing you with the highest level of care and the fastest possible recovery.

Experience is key

We can’t say it enough. When it comes to joint replacement, experience is the best indicator of future outcomes. Always feel free to ask your physician or surgeon what their experience is as it relates to your situation.

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