Hand Center

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Hand Center

Help for hands suffering from injuries, work-related conditions, arthritis and other problems.

It takes a specialist to accurately diagnose and treat hand and wrist problems for a rapid return to full functionality.

Highly skilled physicians, fellowship-trained surgeons

Hands are complicated and so are the injuries and conditions that affect them. At the OA Hand Center, we treat a wide range, including traumatic injury, overuse problems — such as carpal tunnel syndrome — osteoarthritis, tumors, and more. For treatment, a hand physician may use cortisone injections. If surgery is called for, the procedure is done by one of our board-certified hand surgeons who have had additional hand fellowship training and hold Certificates of Added Qualifications in Hand Surgery.

Collaboration with hand therapists

The OA Hand Center physicians work closely with physical and occupational therapists, including OA’s certified hand therapists. In some cases, hand therapy alone may be indicated as treatment. In other instances, hand therapy may be used in conjunction with injections, or as indicated to aid in post-surgical recovery.

From injury through recovery

Patients with hand or wrist problems benefit from OA’s integrated services. With our MRI Center and other advanced diagnostics, such as EMG testing, on-site in Portland — along with X-ray suites at all four OA facilities — diagnosis can be timely and accurate. We also have splinting and casting professionals at all locations, along with certified physical therapists. OA is committed to providing you with the highest level of care and the fastest possible recovery.

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