Foot and Ankle

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Foot and Ankle

We’re here to get you back to everyday tasks and the activities you enjoy.

Foot and ankle injuries and conditions can be complex and debilitating. Come see us for an accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and rehabilitation for orthopaedic foot and ankle problems.

Treatment by board-certified specialists

Sprains, fractures, arthritis, Achilles tendon, and ligament injuries are treated by our specialists. If surgery is called for, it’s performed by a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon.

Collaboration with sports medicine practitioners

If a foot or ankle injury was caused during — or will affect playing — sports, your foot and ankle specialist will collaborate with our sports medicine physicians and our physical therapists. This helps ensure effective treatment and a rapid return to your chosen sport.

From injury through recovery

Patients with foot or ankle problems benefit from OA’s integrated services. With our MRI Center and other advanced diagnostics on-site in Portland — along with X-ray suites at all four OA facilities — diagnosis can be timely and accurate. We also have splinting and casting professionals at all locations, along with certified physical therapists. OA is committed to providing you with the highest level of care and the fastest possible recovery.

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