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Wrist ROM exercises

Wrist ROM Exercises
Do these _______times per day.
Hold just beyond the first point of pain. Do not go to the most pain you can stand

1. Active Wrist Extension– Start with hand flat on table. Slowly lift hand off the table while keeping your fingers relaxed. Keep forearm on table.
Hold ________seconds

2. Passive Wrist Extension-Start with your hand flat on the table. Hold onto your affected hand with your opposite hand. Palms of hands should be together (not up on your fingers). Slowly bend hand back.

3. Active Wrist Flexion-Hand hand over edge of table with palm of hand face down. Slowly drop hand down further so you are bending at the wrist.

4. Passive Wrist Flexion-Start with the hand over the edge of the table as above in #3. Put your opposite hand on the back of your affected hand (not on the fingers). Slowly push your hand down.
Hold ______seconds

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