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Thumb ROM exercises

Thumb ROM Exercises
Do these ______times per day Hold each one at the first point of pain, relax and repeat ______times.

1. Active thumb flexion- start by trying
to touch the tip of each finger. Once
you can touch the little finger, work
your way down to the palm

2. Passive thumb flexion-using your opposite
hand, bend the thumb towards the palm.

3. Active radial abduction-move thumb out and
back, away from the palm of the hand. Stretch
it back as far as you can go.

4. Palmar abduction-Start with hand on its side
(thumb will be on top). Move thumb out away
from the palm of the hand but still in line with
the pointer (index) finger.

5. Passive abduction- Put thumb of opposite hand
into the palm and on the muscle part of your
thumb. Slowly push down and back to stretch the

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