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Retrograde Massage Home Program

Retrograde Massage Home Program

Retrograde massage assists with the circulation of blood and lymph with the force of the massage stroke. You therefore, are promoting healing as well as decreasing swelling. Massage also helps to soften and smooth scar tissue, desensitize sensitive areas after surgery and allow freer movement of injured tendons and muscles by mechanically breaking up inner scar tissue adhesions.

1. Always massage with cream/lotion/lanolin to ensure smooth gliding and comfort by decreasing friction. Avoid getting lotion on any open areas.

2. With your arm elevated, gently massage your hand with long slow strokes. Start at the fingertips and work towards the wrist. For scar tissue or to desensitize an area, use a firm kneading motion at the problem area in a perpendicular or circular pattern.

3. Massage should be done very frequently throughout the day.

Massage _______minutes, at least __________times/day

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