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Patellofemoral Protocol Strengthening Exercises



Quad Set

Tighten the front thigh muscles (quadriceps) keeping the knee as straight as possible. Concentrate on contracting the inner quad muscle (VMO). Hold as tight as possible for 5 seconds, then completely relax the muscle.
Reps_________ Sets__________ Tempo______


Straight Leg Raise

Lean back on you elbows with your
involved leg straight out and uninvolved
bent. Keeping you leg straight, toes pulled
towards shin, tighten VMO then lift your
heel 12 inches. Hold for 5 seconds, then
slowly return to starting position.
Reps_______ Sets_________ Tempo________

Inside Leg Raise

Lie on your side, with the uninvolved leg on top. Place the top foot just in front of the involved knee. Straighten the involved knee, pull the foot toward shin, tighten the VMO then lift the leg toward the ceiling. Hold for 5 sec, and then slowly return to the resting position
Reps_________ Sets__________ Tempo______


Calf Raises

Stand with weight equally distributed on both feet. Push through toes to lift heels off floor. Hold for 5 seconds and then slowly lower to the resting position.
Reps_________ Sets__________ Tempo______


Stand with feet hip width apart and feet oriented forward. Begin movement by squatting down with hips going back and chest going forward like your sitting in a chair. Knees in alignment with, but do not go past your second toe. Do not allow knee to collapse inward, excessive arching in low back, and descend until hip height is even with the knees. Return to starting position.
Reps_________ Sets__________ Tempo______ Lunge

Stand with feet apart with involved leg forward. Align hip and knee with second toe. Maintaining a straight spine slowly lower the uninvolved knee to the ground pausing just before the floor. Do not allow knee to go beyond the second toe. It is important to keep a good arch in the foot and avoid having the knee collapse inward. Slowly return to the starting position
Reps_________ Sets__________ Tempo______


Lie on uninvolved side with knees
bent and band around knees.
Keeping heels together rotate
involved knee toward ceiling. Take
careful consideration not to roll top
hip or trunk. Hold contraction for 5
sec and slowly return to starting
Reps_______ Sets_________ Tempo________

Single Leg Balance

Knee Straight

Knee Bent

Stand on involved knee. Focus on maintaining a neutral position in the arch of your foot. Maintain a forward orientation of your entire leg, avoiding inward rotation of the leg and collapsing of the foot.
Reps_________ Sets___________ Hold__________




Start exercise with band behind slightly bent involved knee. Weight equally distributed between both feet with hip and knee aligned with second toe. Push through heel, tighten the quadriceps, and straighten the knee. Hold the contraction for 5 sec and slowly return to the starting position.
Reps_________ Sets___________ Hold__________ Step downs

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