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Includes Treatments for:

Arthroscopic Acromio-Clavicular Excision
Arthroscopic Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Debridement


0-2 Weeks

Sling worn for comfort
  • 1. Pendulum exercises 3x/day minimum
  • 2. PROM/AAROM (wand, pulley) within pain tolerance
  • 3. Elbow and wrist AROM 3x/day minimum
  • 4. Cryocuff/ ice: days 1-2 as much as possible, then post activity for pain.

2-6 Weeks

Avoid active elevation (anterior deltoid) until 6 weeks
  • 1. Progress AAROM/AROM within pain tolerance
  • 2. Sub-maximal isometrics for shoulder musculature, except flexion
  • 3. Manual resistance for scapular motions
  • 4. Postural awareness education
  • 5. Gentle soft tissue mobilization and glenohumeral inferior glide
  • 6. Modalities as indicated for pain or inflammation
  • 7. May initiate UBE after 4 weeks.
Goal: Involved shoulder AAROM grossly WNL by 6 weeks

6-12 Weeks

  • 1. Progress AROM in all ranges
  • 2. Joint mobilization for scapula and glenohumeral mobility
  • 3. Strengthening exercises for scapular stabilizers and rotator cuff. Emphasis of strengthening on high reps and low weight, with postural awareness. May include PRE’s, theratube/ band, PNF and weight equipment
  • 4. Progress to independent home program.
Goal: AROM grossly WNL without shoulder hiking by 12 weeks

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