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MCL Tear


Weeks Post Injury

1-2 Weeks Initiate physical therapy. Patient will wear immobilizer for 2 weeks following injury, except in PT Rx. of modalities for pain and swelling as needed. Low intensity stationary bike for ROM, QS, SLR, calf raise. Gentle ROM No valgus stress in open chain for 6 weeks. No inside leg raise. Ligament needs time to heal. When working adductors stress point should be superior to knee or work them in a functional position later in the progression. Generally, immobilizer is D/C at 2 weeks pending physician exam.

3 Weeks Manual therapy and modalities as needed. Bike, leg press, step-up, step-down. If tolerated, stairmaster and leg curl. Multi-hip adduction above knee.

4 Weeks Manual therapy and modalities as needed. Add Smith press

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