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Guidelines-DIC capsulodesis

Dorsal Intercarpal Ligament Capsulodesis Guidelines
(DIC Capsulodesis)

Patient is immobilized for approximately 8 weeks following surgery.

Week 1of therapy

  • 1. Patient is provided with removable thumb spica splint if he did not receive one in MD office. Patient is to wear this at all times and while sleeping. Only to be removed for exercise periods.
  • 2. Evaluation completed. Do not do any grip or pinch strength testing
  • 3. AROM for the finger, wrist and forearm are initiated.
  • 4. Initiate scar massage and edema control as needed.

Week 2-4 of therapy

  • 1. Initiate PROM for all motions.
  • 2. Continue with above

Week 4+ of therapy

  • 1. Continue with treatment as needed to regaining motion and strength.
  • 2. You can initiate strengthening once the patient has attained good functional motion (55 deg flexion, 55 deg extensions). You need to avoid any axial loading like weight lifting or pushups for up to 6 months post op. You can start strengthening before the functional goals are met if the patient’s motion has not changed over 3-4 weeks and his active motion is much less than his passive motion. Patient should regain 70% of the motion that they had previous to surgery.

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