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Elbow ROM Exercises

Elbow ROM Exercises

Do these _________times per day. Hold each position just beyond first point of pain for _______________seconds. Do not go to the most extreme pain that you can tolerate.

1. Active Elbow Flexion- Start with arm straight down by
your side. Slowly bend hand towards your shoulder so your
elbow bends. Repeat _________times

2. Passive Elbow Flexion-Bend up arm as far as
you can. Then using your other hand, slowly push
on the end of your forearm (by your wrist) towards
Your shoulder so the elbow bends.
Repeat __________times

3. Active Elbow Extension- Slowly lower
arm down by side so arm is straight. It may help
to put arm on table with a pillow under elbow and
then try to straighten it. Repeat __________times


4. Passive Elbow Extension-Start with your elbow propped
on a table with pillow (or folded up towel) under the elbow.
With your opposite hand, hold at the end of your forearm by
your wrist. Slowly push the elbow straight.

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