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Coban Usage at Home

Coban Usage at Home
This Coban worn _________________ hours per day.

How to Use (for fingers or hand):

  • 1) Unwind the length of coban wrap from the roll that you need to cover the body
  • 2) Allow the coban to relax. Without stretching, apply one full wrap and overlap
    by ½ width. Press overlapped area lightly to keep end in place. If using on the
    fingers then you always start at the top of the fingertip making sure the
    fingertip is left exposed.
  • 3) Continue to wrap while applying slight tension on the coban. If more coban is
    required unwind from the roll before making a wrap so coban is not applied
    with too much tension.
  • 4) When application is complete, cut off excess coban. Secure the end of coban
    by gently pressing.

Precaution: If using for the fingers, always check the fingertips for blue
discoloration after 5 minutes of application. If blueness is noted then you should
unwind the coban, allow the normal color to return, and then rewrap with less

If you have questions or concerns please call your therapist.

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