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0-2 Weeks

Immobilization with sling/swathe on at all times, except
ROM limits to: 90 flexion, 45 abduction, 0 external rotation, 20 extension
  • 1. Elbow and wrist AROM 3x/day minimum
  • 2. Cryocuff/ice for pain

2-6 Weeks

Sling must be worn while at school, in crowds, riding in a car, and while sleeping. ROM limits to: 90 flexion, 90 pure abduction, 30 external rotation at side, 20 extension
  • 1. PROM and AAROM (wand pulley) within pain tolerance and limits
  • 2. Gentle rotator cuff strengthening
  • 3. General soft tissue and joint mobilization
  • 4. Modalities as indicated for pain or inflammation

6-12 Weeks

Discontinue sling ROM limits to: 60 external rotation; full flexion, abduction, and extension
  • 1. Progress PROM and AROM as tolerated
  • 2. Joint mobilization for scapula and glenohumeral mobility
  • 3. Strengthening exercises for scapular stabilizers and rotator cuff within pain-free ranges. May include PRE’s, PNF, and weight equipment. Emphasis of strengthening on high reps and low weight, with postural awareness.

12-24 Weeks

  • 1. Range of motion-self-stretching program
  • 2. Progress independent strengthening program
  • 3. Reinforce postural awareness, quality of exercise technique, and proper PRE progression
  • 4. Coordination sports specific training to begin return to normal Function

9 month

Possible return to full strength throwing and contact sport, depending on strength and physician assessment

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