Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

How do I get a copy of my records?

While you do have the right to access your information, the medical chart is the property of OA. All requests for records are processed at our Portland facility. If you have a primary care physician or were referred to OA by another provider, a copy of the office visit will be forwarded to him/her automatically. If you desire a copy of the office visit documentation for personal use, or if you would like your records forwarded to another physician, please fill out a Release of Information Form. A completed form is required for all such requests. You may mail the completed form to the Health Information Management Department, Records Requests, 33 Sewall Street, Portland, Maine 04102 or fax it to (207) 828-2190. If you do not have ability to print the form, you may call our office [(207) 828-2100] and request that one be mailed to you. If it is deemed that any processing fees apply, we will contact you before completing your request. After we have received your written authorization, your request will be processed within 7 to 10 days.

Insurance questions

OA Centers for Orthopaedics strongly supports our patients’ right to know and understand all aspects of their healthcare, including the cost of care. As part of this commitment, we have developed a listing of fees for our most common medical services. This is available upon request. In addition, pertinent health claims data may be obtained through the publicly accessible website of the Maine Health Data Organization at

Will I need a referral to schedule an appointment at OA?

We generally do not require a physician referral to our office for the purpose of scheduling an appointment with one of our physicians, unless this is a requirement of your insurance.

Some insurances require you to have a referral from your primary care physician or an authorization from the insurance company before you are evaluated by a specialist. Most insurance cards have a description of requirements listed on the back of the insurance card along with a toll-free number to call with questions. Or, you may speak with someone in your human resources department if you have coverage through your employer. While OA staff will assist in the process of obtaining a referral, this is ultimately the responsibility of the patient or policy holder.

Co-payments are expected at the time of services, and payment of these is part of your contractual obligation with your insurance carrier. Noncompliance with this obligation is considered fraudulent.

Does OA participate with my insurance?

OA Centers for Orthopaedics participates with most insurance carriers. If there is any doubt, call the customer service number listed on the back of your insurance card to confirm participation with our organization. Please note that the OA Physical Therapy Centers do not participate with government based insurance programs, to include Medicare, MaineCare, and Tricare for example.

What options do I have if I do not have insurance?

If you do not have insurance, we will ask you for a payment at the time of your visit. OA’s financial counselor will help you in making a payment arrangement and can be reached by calling (207) 828-2100.
An uninsured discount of 20% will be extended as a courtesy

Does OA accept credit cards or checks?
OA Centers for Orthopaedics accepts cash or checks, as well as the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Initial Visit Information and Associated Forms

What will I need to bring to my visit?

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your orthopaedic needs. In preparation for your visit, please be sure to complete any forms that are requested by your physician. Completion of these forms in advance of your appointment minimizes delays in being seen, and provides your physician with important information about your medical history. In addition, please bring any results of diagnostic studies that are relevant to the problem for which you are seeking treatment at OA. This information is a necessary part of the evaluation process and may minimize the need for further imaging. Without this information, your appointment may need to be rescheduled. In the event further imaging is needed, you may be asked to change into a pair of shorts or a tank top, which we can supply. However, if you prefer, you may choose to bring your own zipper free, metal free clothing. If you need further clarification about any of this information, please contact an appointment specialist by calling (207) 828-2100.

Castroom Services: Questions Regarding Bracing and/or Orthotics

What if I need a brace or special inserts for my shoes? Will my insurance cover this?

With all the different insurance companies and group policies in existence, the only way to know with certainty whether or not your durable medical equipment (DME) (i.e., brace, orthotic, crutches, etc.) will be covered by your insurance is to call them directly. You may find their contact number on the back of your insurance card. Before placing a call to your insurance carrier we will provide you with a diagnosis and code for the particular product recommended for you. Some of the more expensive braces require preauthorization, so in these cases OA will contact your insurance carrier to determine coverage.

OA has compiled a list of DME which is often not covered. So that you may make an informed decision, the OA employee who fits you for a brace/orthotic will let you know if you are being fitted for one of these potentially con-covered items.

If the brace/orthotics is covered by my insurance, does that mean I will not incur any out-of-pocket expense for the item?

Not necessarily. Depending on the terms of your insurance policy, you could still incur some out-of-pocket expenses. High deductible plans are set up so that most medical expenses (with the exception of routine check-ups/tests, etc.) are out-of-pocket until the deductible is met. Some plans may pay a percentage of the cost of the product, while the remaining amount will be for you to pay.

May I return durable medical equipment?

Please be aware that due to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations, OA is not able to accept returns of any durable medical product.

Physical Therapy Center Services

Does the OA Physical Therapy Center participate with my insurance?

Please note that the OA Physical Therapy Center (all locations) is not credentialed by government based insurance programs, to include Medicare, MaineCare and TriCare for example.
Visit our Accepted Health Insurance page.

Will physical therapy services be covered by my insurance?

With all the different insurance companies ad group policies in existence, the only way to know with certainty whether or not your physical therapy services will be covered by your insurance company is to call them directly. You may find their contact number on the back of your insurance card. As a new patient to the Physical Therapy Center, an OA staff member will verify your insurance benefits for physical therapy (PT) services, as long as you have provided her with this information. She will verify if a primary care physician referral is needed, what your co-pay or out of pocket expense will be, the maximum PT benefits allowed, and if pre-certification is required. This information will be reviewed with you at your first appointment.

Co-pays are collected at the time of service. If you have no insurance or you have exhausted your PT benefits, $90 will be due at the time of service. Please call OA’s Physical Therapy Center at (207) 828-2121 if you have any questions.

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