BLOG: The True Benefits of a Training Partner

October 26, 2018
BLOG: The True Benefits of a Training Partner

If you’ve ever been exposed to gym or a fitness facility, you have undoubtedly seen members come and go with no clear routine or plan in mind. Whether the reason for the inconsistency is time, lack of a plan, lack of knowledge, or lack of motivation, this scenario happens all the time.

Daily exercise should be as important as your job, so how does one hold themselves accountable each and every day?

A study done by the Society of Behavioral Medicine showed a significant statistical increase in time performing aerobic work when performing the test with a partner. The study used three different groups and put each of them on stationary bikes. The participants were told to ride at a certain percentage of their HR until they had to stop. Group one was the control group and the group that rode the bike individually. This group lasted an average of 10.6 minutes. Group two was biking with a virtual partner and lasted an average of 19.8 minutes. The third group was biking with a virtual partner who was programmed to pedal faster perform longer, no matter how hard the participant in the study worked. The average time on the bike for this group was 21.9 minutes.

Now, most of us will acknowledge that working out with a partner is better than working out by yourself. The impactful part of the study is just how much having a partner influenced the amount of time on the bike. Imagine if someone told you that instead of 10 hours a week in the gym by yourself, you could spend 5 hours a week in the gym with a partner and get the same results. According to the study, that is a likely outcome.

We all have busy lives, but so many times you find people offering up excuses for why they can’t make it to the gym. One solution to this problem is to find a friend, coworker, significant other or anyone who wants to make the same commitment to the gym as you. The partner provides accountability, a more enjoyable gym experience and a little friendly competition, and more likely than not, you are being more efficient with your time in the gym. So instead of making the excuse for why you can’t, find a solution, and start working towards being the best version of yourself that you can be.

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